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phone:   (608) 423-3315
fax:        (608) 423-9575
mail:      PO Box 3
              Cambridge, WI




The Ferret Nook Shelter/Adoption Center
PO Box 3, Cambridge, WI 53523-0003
Phone (608) 423-3315, Fax (608) 423-9575


Name:       E-mail:
State:        Zip Code    
Home #:   Work #:      
Date of Birth:     Occupation:


1.   Have you owned a ferret before? Yes No      If no go to Question 7.
2.   Do you have ferret(s) now?  Yes  No     If yes, how many?                           3.   What are their ages?  

      Are they spayed/neutered? Yes No

4.   Have your ferrets been exposed to the ECE virus? Yes No  Don't Know 

     What is ECE?

5.   Have your ferrets been tested for Aleutians Disease Virus? Yes No

     What is Aleutians Disease Virus?

6.   If you no longer have ferrets, what happened to them?


7.   Have you adopted from an animal shelter before? Yes No

      If yes, name of shelter?
8.   Do you currently have other pets? Yes No

9.   If yes, what kind and how many?

10. Are there any children in the household? Yes No   

      If yes, what ages? 

11. Does spouse, or any other adults in the household, agree to this adoption? Yes No

12. Do you: Rent  Own  

      If you rent, are ferrets allowed? Yes  No           

      Can you provide a written statement if requested?Yes  No
Landlord's/Association's Phone:
13. Have you ferret-proofed your home? Yes No 

      (Ferrets can get in to anything that their heads will fit. We will be happy to give you tips on

      ferret proofing.) May we assist you with ferret-proofing?  Yes  No

14. Do you have a cage or will your ferret be free roam?

     Caged  Size?  

     Free roam 

     Own Room   Is this room ferret-proofed? Yes No

15. Are you prepared to spend at least an hour plus daily to play with your ferret(s)?YesNo

16. What veterinary clinic/hospital do your pets go to?


      Telephone Number:

17. Ferrets needs to see their veterinarian at least annually for distemper and rabies vaccinations.

      Are you willing to provide proper medical care to promote good health? Yes No

18. Are you aware that medical expenses for the life of a ferret (average 6-9 years) may run

      $1,000 or more over and above normal maintenance/preventative medical care?

      Yes No 

      Have you budgeted for this expense? Yes No

19. Are you a member of a local ferret club or have you considered joining one?

      Member Yes No  Would consider joining Yes No

20. Are you and your family prepared to keep the ferret(s) for their lifetime? Yes No

21. If you are not prepared to make a long-term commitment to a younger ferret, have you

      considered adopting an older ferret? Yes No

22. I am interested in a ferret(s):

23. How did you hear about the Ferret Nook Shelter/Adoption Center?



I have read and understand the Considerations Information Sheet and Adoption Information and Guidelines Sheet. and have answered the above questions truthfully.  I understand that I will be required to sign an Adoption Contract/Lease and pay a fee at the time of adoption. Yes  No

The Ferret Nook ferret shelter reserves the right to refuse any adoption in the best interest of the ferrets.

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