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Ferret Buckeye Bash 2007

Jenny and Ribbon WinnerJenny Kissing Her WinnerSandy Proudly Holding Her WinnerSandy and WinnerJenny Congrats to GillyJenny wants a picture, Gilly wants down!Nap TimeWhen do we get to go home?Is it our turn yet?Judging is Hard WorkPam Talking FerretWe ferret people sure love to talk!Syd thinking about what to do next!Jenny and her wonder boy!Bob Church doing his favorite thing - gabbing!The show hall from a vendor's perspectiveA look at the show hallI don't want my picture taken!There -- you satisfied!Let me down!!I wonder if my ferret will win!Anxiously waiting for the results!And the winner is Gilly and Jenny!!Proud mom!Yuck -- I don't want a kiss!What a cute hula girl!Jenny waiting for her ribbon!Yes, Gilly took first place!Gilly and other contestantsJenny and Steve waitingWho's next?Aren't I a real looker!Well deserved nap at the end of a long day!Time for the long ride home!KC Waving by!Scarlett at the dinner after the show!Ferrets waiting to go home!Jim all decked out at the end of a very long show!

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