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Adoption Information and Guidelines

For persons interested in adopting a ferret from The Ferret Nook, listed below are some of the guidelines that we follow. All applications/adoptions are handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • You must be adopting the ferret for yourself - NOT as a gift for someone else. Animals do not make good surprise gifts. However, we do have gift certificates available.
  • We prefer to keep the adoption radius to a 2 hour driving distance from The Ferret Nook. This allows us to keep in touch and remain a resource for you. If you are beyond this radius please check our links for a ferret shelter closer to you.
  • You must agree to take full responsibility for the animal - giving it fresh food and water; medical attention (including annual vaccinations) when needed; give it play and exercise  time in a safe environment (check for holes under cabinets and appliances and make sure there aren't any other hidden dangers that a nosey little animal might get into, especially chemicals and cleaning supplies); provide the animal with LOVE. You as an owner and companion help to mold the personality and temperament of your pet. If you give a ferret love and patience, it will learn to trust you and will show its affection in return.
  • We normally do not adopt ferrets to families with children under 5 years of age. This is for the protection of the ferret as well as the child. Small children like to grab at things that bounce merrily about, and they have no concept that what they are doing might alarm or cause pain to the animal. The ferret, in turn, does not know that the child is just trying to play and may react by biting. PARENTS SHOULD SUPERVISE THEIR SMALL CHILDREN AROUND ANY PET IN THEIR HOUSEHOLD, NO MATTER HOW WELL THEY THINK THEY KNOW THE CHILD OR PET.
  • We do not adopt ferrets to people in "ferret free" zones. Check your local or state laws to see if ferrets are allowed where you live and check with your landlord, too, to see if h/she allows pets before you adopt.
  • We do not adopt or sell ferrets to institutional situations. The ferrets in our care are adopted out as family companions, not for lab experiments or exhibition purposes. If a ferret is terminally ill and can't be adopted out, it may be humanely euthanized.
  • You must be at least 21 years old or be accompanied by a parent or head of household who is at least 21. Our adoption contract is a legal document and should be signed by someone of legal age. This also helps avoid the situation of "Look what I bought, Mom! Can I keep it?"
  • You must be willing to learn. We don't require you to be an expert on the subject to adopt a ferret, but be willing to ask questions on things you aren't sure of. The more you know about your four-footed friend, the more enjoyment both of you will get from your relationship.
  • The ferrets are neutered; given their canine distemper (FerVac-D or PurVax) vaccination, and microchipped. It is the adopter's responsibility to have the ferret checked by a ferret knowledgeable veterinarian and vaccinated against rabies (IMRAB-3).
  • A membership in our organization is $25.00 per year and entitles members attendance to all functions held by The Ferret Nook, a membership card. Membership also includes a discount on ferret-related merchandise offered by Kritter Koncepts.

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